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Save Money
We are not comparing with low price, but you can save more than anyone else! When you calculate the average cost of a product package, you will say: Huanli is the best.

1. Our product is very light weight made from virgin materials, with the same weight, the length of the tape has a striking advantage.
2. Using our products there is no loss from start to finish, allowing you to save every penny.
3. Our product is basically implementing "0 connecting", and each roll are produced with continuous length, you can use for a long time, thus do not frequently need to reset the strap and machine, greatly save time and cost;
4. Using our products can greatly reduce the wear and tear on the strapping machine..

Good Appearance
Huanli environmental packing strap enhance fine products to value for you!

1. Using selected imported color pigment, bright color and never fade;
2. Using imported ink to obtain clear printing and never deinking.

Free Machine Tune-up
Huanli environmental packing strap user can enjoy company offers a free machine tune-up service, repair with parts and labor free of charge.

Emergency Supporting Services
When your machine fails and cannot repair in time during your rush hour for shipment, Huanli will deliver a workable strapping machines to replace the faulty machine temporary until the broken down machine is repaired and working normally.

Fast Delivery Service
Our company producing in a large scale will not be out of stock. We shall often prepare a stable customer inventory and large number of delivery vehicles ready to provide you with fast and quality service

Return & Replacement Service
If you are not satisfied with our products, we are committed to unconditional replacement or return. No worries when using Huanli packing strap.

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